Buyers Guide

Red Cube can provide a wealth of knowledge to customers who are either first time buyers, buy to let investors or extending your property portfolio.

It could be a daunting experience buying a property, however with the correct advice from our specialist team, we will take you through the steps in a clear and transparent way.

  1. Affordability. This will determine how much you can borrow to make your purchase, if you decide to go down the mortgage route. Red Cube have partnered up with a panel of licensed mortgage brokers who can help by giving you the right advice and guidance. Furthermore, they can also on the associated acquisition of your purchase, such as conveyancing fees, stamp duty and so on.
  2. Through our marketing activities and network contacts, we can find the suitable property that will suit your needs. We will send you details of the right properties, arrange a viewing with you, and help you obtain the best offer price to enable you to secure the property that you require.
  3. Once your offer is accepted, we will take the property off the market, so that the conveyancing and the mortgage process can begin. You can use your own solicitor and mortgage broker, or we can recommend one of our preferred partners.
  4. Once the mortgage offer is received, then the transaction will be completed by your solicitor. You will become the legal owner of the property.

Rest assured, Red Cube will advise and assist you all the way along the buying process.